We offer a variety of software solutions that can help you improve and automate your business processes,
improve and accelerate decision making, and gain (and retain) a competitive advantage.

Business Workflow Automation

Save time, improve efficiency, and reduce errors by automating your business processes. Take advantage of workflow modeling tools, track process progress and performance and find bottlenecks. Automate approval of certain tasks, or delegate them to someone else during absence.

Invoice Management

Electronic invoicing makes invoice management process much easier, and less error-prone. Handle less paper, reduce costs, review, approve and manage invoices, or let the system automate certain tasks for you. Experience faster invoice cycles and greater productivity, with real-time visibility into approvals, discount opportunities, payments, and more.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Investigate and analyse various aspects of your business using sophisticated software tools so that you can apply targeted improvements and make better strategic decisions. Boost your business performance by taking advantage of automated or interactive data collection, data analysis, and data visualisation and reporting tools. Investigate market trends, spot problems, improve and accelerate decision making, increase operational efficiency, and gain competitive advantage.

Enterprise Extranets and Intranets

Extranets and intranets work and feel like the Internet, but provide a secure environment for your communication and collaboration needs, as well as a modern information publishing and sharing platform. These systems lead to better business operations management and can lead to cost savings and revenue benefits. Extranets and enterprise portals also provide a safe way to open your company to your customers and other business partners.

Unified Communications Solutions

Empower your business and your employees by using modern tools to collaborate more productively. With unified communication solutions, collaboration can be seamless and effortless; it can be quick and simple, or rich, with full support for video, voice and text chat, screen and file sharing, and more. Communicate any time and anywhere via a wide range of desktop and mobile devices.

Human Resources Management

Stay organized and take care of your HR needs using one tailor-made tool. Small, midsize, or large-scale businesses often require customized HR solutions that are in line with their business goals and processes. Create a better workplace environment and employee performance by taking advantage of modern technology to make better decisions, and base your strategic direction on real-world HRM metrics and measurements.

Document Management

Document management solutions can make your daily work more enjoyable and your life easier. Benefit from software services such as document capturing, routing, storage, lifecycle management, and advanced search capabilities.

Kiosk Software Solutions

General purpose kiosk solutions have limited control over security aspects of the software they expose to the public. The core application must be carefully constructed, and always requires some degree of customization in order to be safe and usable in a public setting. We have experience in building intuitive, user-friendly kiosk application, and our services include providing on-site support.

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